Cubic Sputtering System SSP1000

SSP1000 cubic sputtering system

SSP1000 cubic sputtering system is a desktop compact system enabling high deposition performance at low cost.
Its unique design allows change of deposition direction (upward, sideward and downward), so experiments in all three directions can be performed within one simple device.
Since an RF power supply is equipped, not only metal targets, but also insulators such as Al2O3 or SiO2 can be sputtered.
With compact design and low cost, this environmentally conscious system can be used for a variety of experiments.

  • Due to its cubic design, a simple change of working plane allows choice of sputtering direction.
  • Magnetic targets can also be sputtered by using the cathode magnet(optional).
  • One process gas flow meter is equipped and one additional gas line can be purchased for a minimal price (max 2 lines).
  • The deviation of film thickness is within +-5% over an area of φ100mm in the substrate.
  • Using pulse mode provided by the standard RF power supply, insulator targets which produce abnormal discharge can also be sputtered.
  • During deposition, automatic substrate rotation can also be selected.
Easy Use
  • Compact table top device with easy installation.
  • Fully automatic evacuation.
  • A view port (with shield glass and shutter)and a shield plate are installed inside the chamber.
  • A cathode shutter is equipped for preventing contaminations of the substrate during pre-shuttering.
  • A sputter timer working together with the cathode shutter is equipped for thickness control.
External Dimensions

Stack Arrangement – W618xD608xH754 (mm)

Parallel Arrangement – W1200xD608xH377 (mm)
Main Specifications

Product specifications are subject to change without notice.
Sputtering Direction

By rotating system plane, deposition direction can be modified.

Depo up – Best for preventing particles from adhering to substrate.
Depo side – Best for high quality deposition while avoiding particle adhesion to substrate or flake adhesion to target.
Depo down – Best for deposition on irregular substrates placed on holder.

Notice of Export Control
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